Giant Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies for 2

A recipe that yields two huge & chewy chocolate cookies jam-packed with creamy peanut butter, peanut butter cups and chocolate chunks. The only thing better than a regular chocolate chip cookie is a GIANT chocolate cookie!


Can we dive right in? I made us cookies. Here’s how the story of the giant chocolate cookie came to be. My hubby and I were craving cookies on Friday night and don’t ask me how, but there were none to be found. Anywhere. And it was one of those deals where we neeeeded our cookie fix RIGHT NOW. So after analyzing the situation, I realized that no ordinary cookie would do. A major desperation could only be remedied by giant ooey gooey cookie-awesomeness.


And let’s be honest, nobody eats just one cookie at a time. At least nobody I know. So I saved you the trouble of having to go back for more.

I know – we were just as excited. Continue reading

Easy French Crullers

Homemade French Crullers are a cinch to prepare. These are one of the lightest and airiest crullers you will ever taste. And drenched in a sweet glaze, of course!


Doughnuts. One of my favorite things to make and eat. No matter what shape or size, whether they are fried or baked, dusted with powdered sugar, dunked in a glaze or rolled in cinnamon sugar, I love them all. There is no way I could possibly name my favorite of all time – it’s pretty much always my latest version. They are just too good.


Needless to say, my latest obsession are these crullers.

Before I started to research how to make these, I thought that making crullers involved a lot of work and maybe even a yeast dough. I was so excited when I found out that making crullers is very similar to the process of making churros. And since I have had some experience in that department, I couldn’t wait to get to work on these. Continue reading

Cookie Butter & Caramel Chocolate Cookie Candy Bark

 3 layers of Chocolate and Cookie Butter topped with luscious Salted Caramel Sauce and Chunks of Biscoff Cookies.


As I am typing this post, the pictures you see here have not yet been taken. That means that this recipe has not been taste-tested and I have no idea how the pictures are going to turn out. Always a scary situation as a food blogger. Now, I do have an inkling that this candy bark will not disappoint once I get to remove it from the fridge where it’s currently setting.

While I was making this bark, I definitely did my job well and took a bite of everything that went into it. I mean, I had to make sure that the cookie butter was good and the salted caramel sauce was just right. You never know if the manufacturer made a mistake when creating Biscoff cookies and chocolate always needs to go through quality control before it enters any of my recipes. But you already knew that, didn’t you?


So I asked myself how bad can it really be?? Is there such a thing as too much chocolate, caramel, or cookies? Since I answered all of those questions with a resounding no, I thought it was safe writing today’s post.

Either way, I am going to share this recipe with you!

It’s actually a fun experience to write my post before I get to see the final product. Today is backwards day for me, ha! I can hear myself typing faster and faster… I hear Cookie Butter & Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookie Candy Bark calling my name! Continue reading

Raspberry Sweet Rolls

Super soft and fluffy sweet rolls filled with cream cheese and juicy raspberries. Topping these beautiful rolls with an easy glaze sets them right over the top. You won’t believe how easy it is to make these from scratch!


Hey, hey! How was your weekend? Over here, we are still trying to break into the 40’s and getting a grip on Spring. But the low temperatures didn’t keep me from putting away my winter coat and sporting my new Spring jacket instead. Even though the weather is still slow to cooperate, Spring is in full swing at la casa de Deliciously Yum!


One thing I always crave during the warmer months of the year is fresh berries. I love, love, love them. No matter what kind, I could devour them all. Raspberries, however, hold a special place in my heart. My mother-in-law has the best raspberry bushes and every year, we get to pick as many as we like and besides eating as many as we possibly can, I always end up making jelly. Never did it cross my mind to freeze some fresh berries so I could make um, Raspberry Sweet Rolls, for example. It boggles my mind that I have failed in that department. But I didn’t let that deter me. So to the grocery store I went. Lesson learned and with frozen raspberries in hand, I set out to make these amazing rolls. Continue reading

Golden Oreo Easter Truffles

Golden Oreo Easter Truffles by Deliciously Yum!

Now that we have the first day of Spring under our belt and with Easter just a month away, I figured it was just about time to post a recipe to celebrate the season. I honestly could not wait to bust out all our decorations, buy fresh flowers, and taste-test some Cadbury mini eggs :).

As I was dreaming about the warm weather ahead, I couldn’t help but think about no-bake recipes and how much I love them. And when it comes to those recipes, I get most excited about truffles. They are my absolute favorite to eat and prepare. And judging from some of my past posts, I can tell how much you love them as well :).

Golden Oreo Easter Truffles by Deliciously Yum!

Now Oreo Truffles have been around for a while, but rarely do I see anybody making them using Golden Oreos. I think they tend to get overshadowed by their chocolaty counterpart. I used to prefer traditional Oreos like most people, but during the last couple of years I have really come to love the golden ones. And since I adore them so much, I decided to create these truffles. One of the best decisions I made all week, ha. Continue reading