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Funfetti Donut Muffins

 Funfetti, Donut, and Muffins. Do I need to say more? Dipped in a sweet glaze.  I die!


There’s a new muffin in town… at least new to me. I recently learned of the existence of donut muffins. Say what? A donut and a muffin combined into one? Where have you been all my life?! So it probably goes without saying that I needed to get bakin’ to make up for lost time.

I don’t even want to start thinking about all the hours of muffin-donut-eating I missed out on over the years. It would probably be too much for me to take, so let’s focus on my very first encounter with these yummies instead.


They actually remind me a lot of these baked doughnuts I made a while back. With the use of nutmeg and cinnamon that give them that unmistakable flavor of a delectable donut and with the reminiscent texture of a buttery yet light muffin, these definitely have it all.

And to top it all of, there’s sprinkles. Both inside and out. It’s the way to go. It’s delicious, fun and pretty much everything you could ask for. [Read more…]


S’mores are gaining a delicious addition – Oreos. Who knew the campfire favorite could taste even better?!


Happy Monday! We’re kicking things off with my favorite new sweet addiction and the one thing I couldn’t get enough of this weekend. Ready?

Yep, we’re talking S’mores today. This is one of those times when I had a brilliant idea and just couldn’t wait to tell you all about it… until google came along and showed me that I am not as clever as I thought I was. Turns out there are other people that discovered S’moreos before it ever entered my mind.


Oh well, better late than never, ha.

It all started with a package of Reese’s Oreos that I picked up last Wednesday. I had been anxiously awaiting for stores to carry them ever since I heard about ’em a couple of weeks ago. Have you had a chance to try them yet? I wasn’t a huge fan of their latest editions, but had no doubt that this one would be the bomb. I am a huge fan of Peanut Butter Oreos and knew that the addition of chocolate just had to be ah-mazing. Can you tell I’m head over heels? [Read more…]

Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats

 Enjoy the ultimate Rice Krispie Treats. These bars are packed with the wonderful flavor and aroma of brown butter and also happen to be one of the chewiest and gooiest treats everr!


I know what you might be thinking. Rice Krispie Treats. Really? We all know how to make them since they have been around forever.

Because I thought the same thing. Before attempting to make these, I was brainstorming ideas what else I could possibly add to these bars to bring them over the top.

Wait a second. We’re talking brown butter here. Outrageously nutty, buttery and reminiscent hints of caramel. Surely that had to be enough.

And boy was it ever.


It had been years since I had a “regular” rice krispie treat and together with the brown butter upgrade, these definitely hit the spot.

I actually reduced the amount of cereal to make them extra ooey gooey and packed a relatively large amount of the rice krispie mixture into the smallest baking pan I could find. Thick and melt-in-your-mouth awesomeness.

Do I need to say more? [Read more…]

Sugared Lemon Crinkles with a Sweet Lemon Glaze

 Sugar Cookie Crinkles rolled in White Sparkling Sugar and drizzled with a Sweet Lemon Glaze. Yum!


Whenever I think of Sugar Cookies I am filled with all kinds of sweet memories. Memories of me and my mom in the kitchen making the dough, rolling it precisely to 1/4-inch thickness, and cutting out all kinds of different shapes, depending on what season or what holiday was coming up next.

Decorating was next and you better believe I was all about sprinkles. Tons and tons of sprinkles, of course.


The sugar-cookie-process was always a big deal in our house, especially since it took a lot of time and effort. I loved spending all of that time baking away, but what if you only have a couple of minutes to spare and are in need of a serious sugar cookie fix? You go for none other than crinkles.

This recipe doesn’t take any longer than making a regular batch of cookies. No chilling, rolling or cutting out shapes required. And the best part about this method? You don’t compromise taste in the least.

On the contrary, these cookies are so chewy, lemony, and absolutely scrumptious. [Read more…]

Watermelon Lime Slushie

 One of the easiest and most refreshing slushies you can make at home. This is a summer must!


Hello again! Can I just take a second to tell you how much I’m loving summer so far?! Few things are better than reading a good book outside, taking nightly walks with my hubby and enjoying some amazingly flavorful food. I just love going to the grocery store or farmer’s market and seeing all of the seasonal produce in full abundance. I can’t get enough.

I bought our first watermelon a few weeks back and happen to have picked the perfect one. Completely sweet and perfectly juicy. We couldn’t stop eating it.


With only a quarter of said watermelon left, I needed to try my hand at a homemade watermelon slushie. I’ve seen them all over the internets lately and knew immediately that I had to whip up my own version as soon as I came across the perfect watermelon.

I wanted ultimate sweetness without any added sugar and just had to add a couple of limes… subtle tartness with the sweet taste of watermelon and crushed ice make for one delectable slushie! [Read more…]