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Hello! Hello! And welcome to birthday week here at Deliciously Yum! One of my favorite days of the year is less than 24 hours away and we will be celebrating all week long. It’s my sweethearts’ special day tomorrow. I love, love, love spoiling, surprising, and loving on people, especially on their birthdays and I couldn’t be more giddy about pulling out all the stops for my beloved.  Starting with a sweet treat that will knock your socks off. Cake Batter Truffles topped with sprinkles, sprinkles, and more sprinkles. You can’t go wrong with these. And guess what? You don’t even have to celebrate anyone’s birthday to indulge in these.


My husband is not a huge fan of cake. He prefers other goodies for his special day, which will be featured this week. Tradition has its time and place. I happen to think that birthdays are perfect for creating traditions and birthday cake is definitely one of them. So I thought about creative ways to incorporate classic cake and win over my special man! I had to. How can we truly celebrate his birthday without a sugary, soft and mouthwatering piece of cake? It’s like celebrating Easter without the eggs, 4th of July without an American flag or Christmas without Christmas music. It’s not even an option. Oh, and I happen to like cake. So there’s that.


Cake Batter Truffles carry all the goodness of classic cake in poppable form. It’s a no bake recipe and takes very little time to prepare. You could recruit your kiddos into helping you with these. Rolling the dough into small balls, dipping them in white chocolate and giving the truffles a sprinkly final touch is the perfect job for little hands. Your tiny chef or baker in training would have a ball. Literally.


I happen to adore sprinkles if you haven’t noticed. Any and every time I can use them I really go for it. Something tells me that theses aren’t the only ones you’ll see this week. I am also convinced that they make (almost) everything taste so much better.


If you have never tried cake batter sweets before, they are very similar to cookie dough treats. And who doesn’t love cookie dough?? These are rich, buttery, indulgent, chocolaty, smooth and sumptuous.


Hoping everyone is having a great start to another week. Don’t forget to make these Cake Batter Truffles for your next birthday party or just because you want to. There’s nothing wrong with that :).

Here’s to a fabulous week of celebrating God’s greatest blessing to me!

Cake Batter Truffles
Yields 24
Cake Batter Truffles taste just like cookie dough bites... only better. Smooth, rich, sweet and wrapped in a white chocolate shell.
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  1. 5 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
  2. 1/4 cup sugar
  3. 1/4 cup flour
  4. 1 cup yellow cake mix
  5. 1 teaspoon vanilla
  6. 3 tablespoons rainbow sprinkles
  7. 8 ounces almond bark or white chocolate
  8. 1 teaspoon shortening
  9. nonpareils, for sprinkling
  1. 1. In a stand mixer, mix together the butter, sugar, flour, yellow cake mix, and vanilla. If the dough is not coming together well, use your fingers to form the dough. It should not be sticky or wet. Once the dough is formed, add rainbow sprinkles and work throughout the dough.
  2. 2. Form the dough into 24 1-inch balls and put into your freezer. The dough balls should remain in the freezer for about 30 minutes or until firm.
  3. 3. While the cake batter balls are chilling, add your almond bark and shortening to a microwave safe bowls. Heat until completely melted in 30 second intervals.
  4. 4. Remove the cake batter balls from the freezer and, using two forks, dunk each ball into the melted chocolate and set on a wax paper lined plate. Sprinkle with nonpareils and continue with remaining cake batter.
  1. Cake batter truffles will keep up to 5 days on your counter or in the fridge, depending on how you like them.
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38 thoughts on “Cake Batter Truffles

  1. That looks really tasty! -But I gotta ask, in my country, Yello cake mix is a bit expensive (in my country EVERYTHING is expensive, sorry) so… I can take a cup of any cake mix? and most of those mixes come you know,… in powdwer, don’t they? So, it is one cup of the powdwer or of the prepared mix? I can make a cake mix and use a cup from it? lol, hehe.
    Sorry if my english is kinda weird, heh. Thanks a lot (wanna make them for my boyfriend c:)

    • Hi Oriana!
      Yes, you could probably use any cake mix you can find in your country or make your own. There are lots of good recipes out there for making a homemade mix. Thanks for saying hi! I hope they turn out great for you!

  2. Just made this today, halved the recipe because it’s only me who is going to be eating them 😉

    They hit the spot! I was craving for something cake batter. Thanks for sharing!!! They were delicious 🙂 I even ate some without the hard shell

  3. Do these need to stay refrigerated? I was planning on sending them to my friends out of state, the weather is still pretty cold so I am wondering if they would keep for 2-3 days?

    • I think that should work just fine, Nalli. They last for almost a week on the counter and don’t need to be refrigerated – they’ll taste great either way. The cold weather should really help. Just make sure you wrap them really well to prevent them from getting crushed!

  4. You’re right this would be great for the kids to help make! I am really weird about letting my little man help when eggs are involved, he’s so messy and wipes whatever on his clothes etc. LOL He always wants to help with baking and I generally tell him no, so I look forward to making these with him! They look amazing! And yes sprinkles do make everything taste better! 😀

    • I have never thought about that, but I think I would be “weird” about that, too. Let me know if you make these – I’d love to hear how they turn out and if your little man liked ’em. Sprinkles for life 🙂

      • We made these last night and OMG they were amazing! And oh yeah the sprinkles were stinkin’ awesome! 😀 Sooo rich, I didn’t think they would be but just one does it! I really liked that they were QUICK to make and my little man got to help. We actually made them for our pup’s birthday, of course she didn’t get any but we enjoyed them for her. These are best any of my cake bite type desserts have ever turned out. These are definitely a keeper! Thank you!

        • I am beyond thrilled that you loved them so much! Thanks for letting me know :). So glad your little man got to help; I’m sure you had a blast. Love that you made them for your puppy’s b-day… can’t think of a better way to celebrate!!

  5. Any chance you know the conversion to metric English measurement? Thanks. Cant wait to try these im making them for my best friends hen party x

  6. Hi! I made these and they were delicious. The only problem is about 24 hours after making them, they started “exploding” – the coating cracked and the filling started puffing out. Almost like the cake batter was cooking and expanding?? I let the batter come to room temp before dipping so I know it wasn’t from them being too cold. Please help!!

    • I have made these several times and have the same problem. I have tried substituting oil for butter, but the results are the same. A cracked shell with exploding cake. I was also thinking it may be from the drastic temperature difference. I’m making them again soon, so we’ll see if that helps.

      • Weird! Ive never had this problem! I always use butter, chill the dough in the fridge, and only use white chocolate (no shortening) for my coating! I use betty crocker or pillsbury yellow cake mix, do you use a different kind? I also add water to my recipe

  7. Hi I was wondering if funfetti cake batter would work as well as the sprinkles mixed With the yellow cake batter? I would love to make these for a friends birthday! And they look delicious! Thanks

  8. are they supposed to be powdery? when I bit into mine they did not look like the pictures above. I might have done something wrong.

  9. I just wanted to comment to the people who have had the issue with the ‘explosive balls’ haha, I would try using a different brand of calls mix next time and see if that makes a difference. Some have different ingredients they use as a leveler or binding agent etc. That’s one reason some boxed mixes have different amount of eggs, oil, water measurements! Just looking at it from a chemistry perspective. Would be interested to know if different brands has produced different results for anyone!

  10. Hi, I made these last night and they are a hit! I was wondering if I substituted the yellow cake mix for brownie mix if it would make brownie batter truffles? The recipe overall is fairly easy and I want to keep it that way!

  11. Hi, I made these and the one batch looked so little I had to double it and even then I only ended up with 28 average sized truffles. I ended up having to make another 2 batches to end up with a decent amount for a party. They were also extremely dry and crumbly, I had to add a lot more butter than the recipe calls for. I would say the way this recipe is written needs work, however after adding more butter in order to get a creamy texture it did taste good.

  12. Just made these and they were a hit with my entire family! I did not have sprinkles but I did decide to sprinkle some large grain sea salt on the top and it tasted DELICIOUS. One change I’d make though is to decrease the sugar in the recipe. They were a little sweet for my liking. Otherwise, AMAZING

  13. I’m only thirteen and these are really simple (yet DELICOUS) for me to make! I love making them and my whole family loves them!! they say its the best thing I make LOL I also agree! mmmm thanks so much for sharing this tasty recipe with the world!

  14. I thought it was unsafe to eat uncooked flour due to contamination. It usually states that on the flour package. Is there safe flour to use, or is everyone just using regular flour?

  15. Is there a way to substitute the almond bark and shortening? They aren’t available on where I live. Thanks!

    P.S. – These look fantastic.

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