Cream Cheese Drizzled Pumpkin & Cookie Butter Bars

Pumpkin, Cookie Butter, and warm Spices. With a yummy Cream Cheese Drizzle. Fall in your mouth – right here.

Cream Cheese Drizzled Pumpkin and Cookie Butter Bars

All I wanted were thick, moist, and drool-inducing bars that screamed fall to me. Pumpkin as one of the main ingredients was a must – no explanation needed. As I looked through the pantry my hand automatically reached out and grabbed the cookie butter jar. Once I opened the lid and smelled the wonderfulness that is cookie butter, I knew the flavors would work extremely well with pumpkin. I mean, cookie butter is basically made out of cookies and you can never ever go wrong with adding cookies to a dessert recipe. It’s a guaranteed winner!

Cream Cheese Drizzled Pumpkin and Cookie Butter Bars

The addition of semisweet chocolate chips, a yummy cream cheese drizzle, and extra cookie crumbs were always a given. There’s no such thing as a good pumpkin bar without cream cheese in one way or another. At least in my recipe book, ha.

If you’re as desperate as I am for the ultimate fall treat, this is the one for you. [Read more…]

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