Monster Cookie Bars

 Monster Cookies Bars stuffed with everything you could possibly want or imagine. One of my very favorite cookies in bar form.


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? The last couple of days just seemed to be flying by for us and I seriously can’t believe Monday is already here. Time sure goes by fast when you’re having fun!
We got to celebrate a graduation on Friday, traveled to Iowa to spend time with my best friend’s family and her new baby boy and finally got together for Mother’s Day yesterday. Love all the wonderful people we are so blessed to have in our lives and that we get to be part of theirs.


Since we’ll be attending quite a few more parties and outings in the next couple of months, I started to think of new dessert ideas that I could bring with us. Cookies and bars were certainly on top of my list and since I have a hard time making up my mind, I once again combined the two.

One of my major weaknesses are Monster Cookies. So when these wonderful cookies crossed my mind, I didn’t hesitate to turn them into bars. [Read more…]

Seven Layer Bars

One of my all-time favorite cookie bars. It’s hard not to love a bar with a beautiful graham cracker crust, seven layers and sweetened condensed milk.


Hi there! Did you have a good weekend? Around these parts, we enjoyed spending time with family, eating good food and celebrating Easter, of course. I always look forward to Sunday Morning. There’s nothing like getting ready for church, eating a special breakfast and attending worship at our church.

Needless to say, Easter is really close to my heart. I had the opportunity to sing in our church choir this past weekend, and watching countless hands being lifted up while singing songs to God never gets old. I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. Since worship was so sweet and fulfilling, I figured dessert needed to follow suit.


And what better than a pan of bars that consists of 7 layers?? I have been wanting to create this recipe for some time now. It’s practically been burning a hole through my notebook of things to make.

Let’s just say these bars were the appropriate goodies to make for a joy-filled and fun day! [Read more…]

No-Fail Triple Chocolate and Mint Blondies

No-Fail Triple Chocolate and Mint Blondies via Deliciously Yum!

I am seeing a whole lot of green and couldn’t be happier about it. Over the weekend, I finally managed to whip up a recipe fit for St. Patrick’s Day and since this was my first “green” recipe this year, I couldn’t help but stuff as many things as could possibly fit into these blondies.

Chocolate and Mint is one of my very favorite flavor combos. So I may or may not have gone a bit overboard at my weekly grocery trip last week. I basically filled the cart with my go-to mint candies – Dark Chocolate Covered Mint M&M’s, Andes, and last but certainly not least Mint Oreos. The lady at the checkout gave me a huge smile as she scanned all of my green treasures, which led me to believe that buying that much candy during one trip is perfectly acceptable and that I might not be the only one going a little overboard with all things mint this time of year :).

No-Fail Triple Chocolate and Mint Blondies

I doubt that stuffing anything with all of that fabulous candy could yield something less than delicious, but these blondies are the perfect vehicle to let chocolate and mint shine. [Read more…]

Loaded Quadruple Chip Cookie Bars

I made you one of the easiest and most incredible desserts today.

Loaded Quadruple Chip CookieBars by Deliciously Yum!

These cookie bars are a first for me. When I opened my cabinets last weekend, I was met with leftover baking chips in pretty much any variety. Lots of small quantities that I wanted to use up. Cookies were the first thing that popped into my mind, but I was running short on time and needed a one-pan dessert recipe that required little cleanup. So I started to think about my regular chocolate chip cookie recipe and decided to turn them into bars.

No idea why I never thought about doing that before. I mean, it’s like one giant cookie and you get to decide how big your piece is. Pretty much the best thing ever.

Loaded Cookie Bars by Deliciously Yum!

Lots and lots of chocolate in every bite. Ooey, gooey and perfectly melty. Anyone with a sweet tooth will go crazy for these, especially if you love cookies, then you are in for a real treat. [Read more…]

Not Your Average Scotcheroos

Let’s start Friday off right.

Not Your Average Scotcheroos by Deliciously Yum!

I have been dying to make a pan of Scotcheroos for quite some time now. Waiting for the right moment and a day on which my house wouldn’t have one too many sweets lying around. And then I thought to myself, is that really a realistic goal? As much as I love to share everything I make on this blog with our family and friends, we pretty much always have a couple of cookies and sweet delights stored somewhere.

Until the day we didn’t have any. And my husband’s family came over to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday. It was a Friday and I had been running around the house and trying to get some projects finished. Now I knew that we would be going out to eat and return to our house for present and game time, but I continued to stay as far away from the kitchen as possible that day.

Not until all of us were assembled in our living room, did it begin to dawn on me… we didn’t have a single item that contained chocolate chips in our cookie jar or anywhere else. My sister-in-law was quick to point out that I write a food blog, which centers around candy, brownies, and bars. I had no excuse. I was in disbelief myself.

Extra Crunchy Scotcheroos by Deliciously Yum!

So when I talk about starting Friday off right, I mean it. Never again will my home be treat-less. Anyone who enters our house from now on, won’t leave without a sweet surprise. The way it should be. [Read more…]

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