THE Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Bars

Fudge Brownies meet Peanut Butter Bars. One of the best dessert mash-ups to date.


Hi Everyone! Fair warning: If you’re on a diet you might want to avert your eyes right this second. Especially if you’re having a weakness for chocolate, brownies, or peanut butter. Everyone else, come a little closer. See those layers of brownies, the inside of a peanut butter cup and some swirled chocolate? Good. Because they’re eyeing you as well. Begging to be made ASAP :). I’m speaking from experience, guys. These bars have me wrapped around their tiny cuter-than-life pb cups. Very tightly.


It all happened on a very exciting Sunday afternoon. Let’s just say a certain professional football team happened to beat the Cowboys and we celebrated like real fans should. Victory tastes so much better when one has something fabulous to snack dive into.

Needless to say, I am ready for another Sunday to roll around. But while I wait, let me fill you in on the recipe deets. Because no matter who you’re rooting for (even if no one strikes your fancy), we can all unite when it comes to dessert. Oh – the power of food. [Read more…]

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