Sticky Buns

Let’s go all in with Sticky Buns. Featuring the works of everything scrumptious – Caramel, Pecans, and Cinnamon Butter. Mmmm!


Before we talk about my new found love for these incredible Sticky Buns, we need to chat about something completely unrelated. Youtube channels. I’ve recently became aware of the fact that there are youtubers that treat their channels much like a blogger treats their blog, if that makes any sense. I was always aware that people post fun and useful stuff, but I had no idea of the community that existed. Alright, I won’t bore you any longer since you’re probably rolling your eyes at me wondering if I’m actually living under a rock or something.

Every night before my head hits the pillow for good, I am checking my favorite channels while always being on the lookout for new ones.


At this point, makeup channels are in for the win. I am obsessed with makeup (always have been) and now I’ve found channel after channel telling my what I’ve been missing out on and that doing your eye brows is super important. It does make a huge difference, btw.

I can’t stop staring at my iPhone screen. If you know of a channel I need to follow (beauty-related or not), please let me know. I am dying to know who you guys follow and who needs to sleep anyway? [Read more…]

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