Classic Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles by Deliciously Yum!

Do you still have room in your cookie jar? If not, I propose you stop reading now and start eating some of your cookies to make space for these. And in case you still have room, get your sugar and flour ready. It is Snickerdoodle time. A beloved cookie by young and old alike. So easy and perfect. It’s hard to compete and compare a classic cookie to all the other ones out there. So I better stop and let you know how to make this oldie but goodie!

Classic Snickerdoodles by

There are two kinds of cookie lovers out there. First, the one who loves a chewy cookie (which is the category I fall into) and then there are those that wouldn’t dream of anything but crispy cookies. I never understood that type. Until I came to appreciate these Snickerdoodles. I wouldn’t dream of baking them a minute less because a good snickerdoodle will always mean crispy deliciousness to me from now on. Nope, I have not been converted. I am pretty sure I will remain a chewy cookie fan for life, but I am broadening my horizons. Cookie horizons – there’s so much to explore :). Don’t be dismayed if you still wish to enjoy a chewy snickerdoodle, these cookies have the potential to fulfill your dreams as well. [Read more…]

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