Fruity Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroon Pyramids

Coconut Macaroons loaded with dried cranberries, blueberries and mangoes. Enveloped in dark chocolate and finished with crushed pretzels and a trio of fruit.


I don’t know what’s happening, you guys. I feel like I’ve been putting coconut into pretty much everything lately. Which is weird since I never really liked it.

But. Somewhere along the lines, I figured out that toasted coconut tastes nothing like what I remembered. It’s sweet, caramelized, slightly nutty and develops a beautiful texture. And I can’t get enough.


So I decided to go all out and test how much I actually like coconut. I knew I wanted to make a cookie of some sort. Going for that toasted goodness I am so in love with. And then I stumbled upon this recipe. It kept swirling around my head over and over for several reasons.

Not only was it totally customizable and pretty to look at, but it had lots of perfectly browned and crispy edges all around. And isn’t that the best part of coconut macaroons? Plus, if all else fails, these pyramids would be covered in chocolate, which makes it pretty much impossible for these little things to taste anything but amazing. [Read more…]

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