Classic Cinnamon-Sugar Mini Donuts

Sometimes classic is best. Since Cinnamon-Sugar Mini Donuts are my favorite, I of course had to make my own. Addictive little things!


Yay for Friday! Are you ready to conclude another work week and enjoy the weekend? Of course you are ;). This week went by super fast for me. Don’t really know why, but when I realized today is Friday, I was sort of stopped in my tracks.

Thinking I had another day, I totally didn’t get around to making what I was going to share with you today. Thinking that I didn’t have a recipe for you today (which I wouldn’t let happen), I discovered that I had never published my go-to Mini Donut Recipe. Noooooo!


Don’t asked how I could’ve missed it, but better late than never! And how fitting that this recipe was hiding until today. What’s better than a bag filled with cinnamon-sugar mini donuts to celebrate the weekend with? I know. I think it was meant to be.

Mini Donuts to the rescue! [Read more…]

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