Jelly Filled Donut Holes

No fail Donut Holes filled with Jelly. You won’t be able to stop munching on these!


With the end of January drawing near, I thought that I would miss my chance to indulge in some type of Jelly Donut. Last year I made you these. And I am so glad I was able to squeeze in some time to give donut holes a go and continue my January tradition of all things donuts and jelly. Alright, alright, I didn’t really have to make time. I actually happily ran into the kitchen and started to whip up the dough – nothing gets me going like the promise of fresh, still warm inside, and perfectly poppable donut holes.


Just when I thought things couldn’t get better in the donut department, these cute-as-a-button bites, proved otherwise. Of course I’d heard of donut holes before. But every time I go to get a donut at a bakery where donut holes are sold, I didn’t think twice about ordering the minis. Why bother with the small stuff when you can indulge into a big, beautiful donut instead?

But these homemade treats flipped my world upside down. Let me tell you more about these cuties and find out how many more times I will use the word donut in this post ;). Continue reading