Twix Chex Mix

 Twix Chex Mix inspired and packed with the amazing flavors of one of my favorite candy bars. This stuff is enticing, so consider yourself warned.


We made it through another week, friends! Happy Friday. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably know how much I love to celebrate Fridays by now. The anticipation of the weekend and all the fun things ahead get me every time.

And what says Friday night more than a good snack mix? Whether you’re getting together with friends and need a snack to share or you’re settling in for a movie night, Twix Chex Mix may just be the ticket.


I happen to adore Chex Mix in any shape or form. I fondly remember a few years back, when we were just married for a couple of months, my husband and I would load up on bag after bag of all the different kinds available during our weekly grocery shopping trip.

Those were the days when I had no idea how to cook in any way, shape or form and Chex Mix tasted like the best thing on earth.

We always wound up fighting over the Cheddar variety, right after there was no more Turtle Chex Mix to be found.

Now imagine my excitement when I finally figured out how easy it is to make your own. [Read more…]

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