Loaded M&M Oreo White Chocolate Fudge

White Chocolate Fudge that’s been studded with M&M’s and Oreos. One of the tastiest small bites around!

Loaded M&M Oreo White Chocolate Fudge

If you’re a lover of m&m’s, oreos and white chocolate, this is the treat for you. Fudge in the middle of summer?! We’re totally doing it.

I don’t know why, but fudge has been a holiday staple for quite some time. I never really make it any other time of year, but upon realizing that I’ve never shared a fudge recipe with you, I decided to break the routine and whip it up anyway. Also, patience is not my strong suit and when I get really excited about a recipe, there’s no way I could wait another 5 months to tell you all about it.

Turns out, fudge is a fabulous treat to make in the summer. It’s a super quick, easy, and no-bake recipe. You don’t need any fancy equipment and just a few minutes of time. You all know that’s my very favorite kind of recipe.

Plus, it totally showcases chocolate and candy – which is basically the best thing eva! What’s not to love?

Loaded M&M Oreo White Chocolate Fudge

When thinking about my fudge debut, I really wanted to incorporate some of my all-time preferred goodies – oreos and m&m’s. You could, of course, choose any combo you like, but I’ve always been a big fan of the texture and crunch oreos add to fudge. And you can never go wrong with m&m’s. They’re pretty much self-explanatory. [Read more…]

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