Perfect Caramel Apples

Looking for the perfect Caramel Apple recipe? You’ve come to the right place. The ultimate dipping caramel ready in 15 minutes or less. This iconic sweet treat is a must this season!

Perfect Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples at last. Getting to the point of holding a perfect caramel apple in my hand was quite the ordeal. Batch number 1 involved burned caramel (always use a thermometer) and standing on my chair whilst waving a towel at my smoke detector. Our kitties were less than amused and neither was I.

The second batch decided to turn into a grainy mess and started to slip right off of my apples. Frustration levels were high. Very high.

Perfect Caramel Apples

I never got around to making caramel apples last year and as I was at the brink of giving up, I took another glance at my list of things to make. I couldn’t bear to see caramel apples still on said list waiting to be made the following year. It simply had to happen NOW.

I finally decided to ditch the new, fast, and so-called “easy” caramel recipes I had been playing with and went the traditional route. And guess what? Batch number 3 was what I call perfection. And even though it might seem a bit more involved than other recipes out there, it actually was quite simple, easy, and fairly quick. Who would have thought?

Gorgeous Caramel Apples were so worth 3 attempts! [Read more…]

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