Easy Caramel Apples

Hey there! Since I’ve been somewhat slacking in posting recipes that embody fall, I couldn’t help but pull out good old Caramel Apples. Traditional caramel apples usually call for melting a whole bag of caramels, dipping your apples in the gooey sauce and smothering them in loads and loads of candy. While I am a big fan of described apples, I have never enjoyed the process. Too messy and sticky for my liking. Each fall, I usually rope my husband into lending me a hand, i.e. I melt the caramels and he takes care of the rest. While he enjoys the occasional job as sous chef, I happen to know that caramel-apple-dipping is also not at the top of his list of favorite kitchen activities. This is exactly why this recipe was born. Homemade Caramel Sauce is poured over freshly diced apples and topped with candy. Mess-free, easy to eat, and every bit as delightful as your traditional caramel apple.


Making your own caramel sauce is as simple as melting your traditional caramel pieces. You’ll probably safe time sine you don’t have to unwrap oodles and oodles of individually wrapped caramels. Yet another reason why this recipe rocks.


And with Halloween right around the corner, you have found another way to use up all that extra candy you’ll end up with. I opted of mini m&m’s since I was going for color, chocolate and cuteness. If you have regular or fun-sized candy bars, give them a rough chop and add to your heart’s content.


You will also be promoting healthy food the day after the most candy-laden holiday in this country. I mean, everyone is supposed to eat at least one apple a day. Right? Thank you for agreeing. You’re wonderful. I am glad we get along so well ;).


This caramel sauce turns into a perfect caramel dip once cooled. It’s reminiscent of that yummy dip you can buy in containers at the grocery store. So, so yummy.


Do you need another reason to convince you to make these? There’s absolutely no need to wait for the caramel to harden once applied to the apples. You can dive into this delectable dessert right away. So go ahead and create your very own version of this beloved fall staple.

Easy Caramel Apples
Quick and easy Caramel Sauce poured over luscious apples and topped with candy!
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  1. 3/4 cup brown sugar
  2. 1/2 cup butter
  3. 1 cup Karo syrup
  4. 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  5. apples, one per person
  6. candy of your choice, roughly chopped
  1. 1.Heat all the ingredients (except for the apples and candy) in a pot over medium-high heat. Once caramel is boiling cook for two minutes.
  2. 2. Set the caramel sauce aside and chop up the apples. Place one chopped apple per person in a bowl and spoon caramel sauce to your liking over the apples. Top with candy. Enjoy!
  1. Caramel Sauce will keep up to 2 weeks in the fridge.
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