Golden Oreo Easter Truffles

Golden Oreo Easter Truffles by Deliciously Yum!

Now that we have the first day of Spring under our belt and with Easter just a month away, I figured it was just about time to post a recipe to celebrate the season. I honestly could not wait to bust out all our decorations, buy fresh flowers, and taste-test some Cadbury mini eggs :).

As I was dreaming about the warm weather ahead, I couldn’t help but think about no-bake recipes and how much I love them. And when it comes to those recipes, I get most excited about truffles. They are my absolute favorite to eat and prepare. And judging from some of my past posts, I can tell how much you love them as well :).

Golden Oreo Easter Truffles by Deliciously Yum!

Now Oreo Truffles have been around for a while, but rarely do I see anybody making them using Golden Oreos. I think they tend to get overshadowed by their chocolaty counterpart. I used to prefer traditional Oreos like most people, but during the last couple of years I have really come to love the golden ones. And since I adore them so much, I decided to create these truffles. One of the best decisions I made all week, ha.

Golden Oreo Easter Truffles by Deliciously Yum!

3 ingredients is all you need. A package of Golden Oreos, Cream Cheese and Chocolate. Still amazed at what you can make with only a few supplies. Nobody would ever know how easy these were to make by the way they taste. So creamy, rich, and enveloped by luscious white chocolate. Trust me when I tell you that these are extremely delicious!

Golden Oreo Easter Truffles by Deliciously Yum!

I used Candy Melts to add a little bit of color to these truffles. Totally optional, of course. And sprinkles because well, you know why. Everything tastes better with sprinkles.

Golden Oreo Easter Truffles by Deliciously Yum!

With the weekend right around the corner, this would be the perfect little treat to make with your little ones. I can’t speak from experience, but I have an inkling kids would have a blast making these. This is such a great way to get them excited for Easter and it’s even a great treat to make for your Easter table, if you like to plan ahead.

Golden Oreo Easter Truffles by Deliciously Yum!

Love these silky little bites. Just wait until you try them. These are one of the tastiest truffles you can possibly make. Nummy!

Here’s to a fabulous first weekend of Spring. Hopefully it involves these truffles in some way – I know we’ll be munching on these :).

Golden Oreo Easter Truffles
Yields 35
Make these easy Easter Truffles using only 3 ingredients. They are so scrumptious, rich and silky. You will love every single bite!
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  1. 1 package Golden Oreos
  2. 1 (8 oz) package cream cheese, at room temperature
  3. 8 ounces white chocolate or almond bark
  4. Candy Melts, optional
  5. sprinkles, optional
  1. Line a baking sheet with wax paper and set aside.
  2. 1. Using a food processor, grind all Oreo cookies until only small crumbs remain.
  3. 2. In a medium bowl, mix together crushed Oreos and cream cheese. You might need to use a hand mixer to get them combined. Dough should be smooth.
  4. 3. With the help of a small cookie scoop (about 2 teaspoons), scoop out dough and form into balls. Place onto prepared cookie sheet and place in the freezer for 15-30 minutes.
  5. 4. Heat white chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl until completely melted. Remove Oreo balls form the freezer and place one ball at a time into the melted chocolate. Using a fork, evenly coat each ball with white chocolate. Use the fork to remove the truffle from the white chocolate and before transferring it to the baking sheet, slightly tap the fork against the side of the bowl to get rid of any excess chocolate. Place on the baking sheet and repeat with remaining Oreo balls.
  6. You can either put sprinkles directly on top of the white chocolate after the balls have been coated or you can melt Candy Melts in a microwave-safe bowl. Pour melted chocolate into a small ziptop bag, cut off one corner and pipe melted chocolate in desired design on top and then add sprinkles.
  7. 5. Return truffles to the fridge or freezer for 15 minutes or until truffles are set. Devour!
  1. Truffles will keep up to 2 weeks stored in an airtight container in the fridge or up to 2 months in the freezer.
Deliciously Yum!

37 thoughts on “Golden Oreo Easter Truffles

    • Thank you! I can’t deny that I get a huge smile on my face every time look at these… and don’t even get me started when I get to taste one, ha! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  1. First time here – so, Hi!

    Well, I was looking for some simple and delicious stuff to make for my daughter Pre-3 class for Easter. And thats how I stumbled upon this page.
    I am so gonna be making this stuff. Have not bought store cookies in ages – so, oreos, you are gonna be finding a home here soon πŸ™‚

    • It takes a little bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t be able to stop dipping and coating all kinds of things in chocolate, ha. I have an inkling you would do very well, Beth :). Thank you!!

    • Thank you, Jessica. You should try Golden Oreos sometime soon – they are incredibly delicious, especially in truffle form :). Me too. Can’t wait to post more and read other bloggers’ Easter recipes as well! It’s such a fun and colorful time of year!

    • So glad you’re a fellow Golden Oreo lover. They are the best, aren’t they? Hope you get a chance to make them – you will love ’em. And thank you so much for stopping by and saying hi!!

  2. Hi! I actually found the regular Oreo recipe, and after making it and loving them, i made the Golden ones for Christmas 2013, because common, the Golden Oreo’s are 100x better i think anyway. And i thought white chocolate! perfect!
    I’ll be honest, i preferred the regular Oreo truffle. The white with the White Chocolate was WAY too sweet. Like unbearably sweet.
    Its an awesome idea on paper, and if you can handle sweetness multiplied by 200 then you’ll love them πŸ™‚

  3. These look delicious! I was wondering if I could use buttercream or vanilla icing instead? I am one of the few scandalous people in the world that don’t like cream cheese.

    • Hi Sarah,
      I think substituting vanilla icing or buttercream could make for extremely sweet truffles. Have you ever tried mascarpone cheese? I think that would be a great substitute. You could also try straining a plain or vanilla yogurt and use that instead. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Kathi, thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I just made these tonight. One batch of the golden and one regular Oreo batch. Both are decorated with the colorful candy melts and sprinkles. I think they came out pretty darn good! Not quite as beautiful as yours πŸ™‚ I am refrigerating them until Easter Sunday. They should be fine until then right? Or would you advise freezing them for the few days?

    • Hi Alexis,
      so excited that you made them! You will have one delicious Easter brunch :). Yes, they should definitely keep in the fridge until Sunday – just make sure you cover them well. Happy Easter!!!

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  6. Thanks for the recipe. Im always looking for new creative ideas in the kitchen. This will be perfect for easter πŸ™‚

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