Honey Baklava

One of the best middle-eastern desserts: Baklava. This is my go-to recipe, which turns out perfect every time.

Honey Baklava

I haven’t been enamored with a recipe like I am with this one in quite a while. Because when you’re dealing with baklava you don’t want to mess around. If you’ve ever attempted to make your own, you know full well that the process of preparing baklava takes some time and precision. So when you find the ONE recipe you want to hold on to it as tight as you possibly can and never try another recipe again. That basically sums up how I feel about this gem.

Honey Baklava

While it’s true that baklava takes longer than a few minutes to whip up, it is so, so, so worth the effort. If you have had it before, you are probably nodding your head right about now. And you’d also know that nothing compares to the homemade version – as always.

Are you ready for some Baklava Goodness??

Honey Baklava

The most important thing I’ve learned from making baklava myself is to practice patience and not try to rush anything. So if you read the instructions before attempting to make this and take your time, you will be successful. I have absolutely no doubt.

Also, it really helps to prepare everything in advance, like chopping the walnuts, cooking the honey syrup, melting the butter, and prepping your phyllo sheets. When it comes to working with phyllo sheets, it is most important to keep them covered with damp kitchen towels at all times. I usually spread out one damp kitchen towel onto my work surface, place the trimmed phyllo sheets on top and cover them with the second towel. Every time you remove one sheet from the pile, make sure to cover the remaining pile again (even if it only takes you 15 seconds to add the sheet to the baking pan and butter it).

Honey Baklava

The art of baklava preparation involves a lot of layering and one of the best things ever – butter, which basically means this can’t be anything but fantastic. Aside from phyllo sheets and butter, you will need walnuts, honey, cinnamon and sugar. Pretty simple ingredients that make for the yummiest dessert.

Phyllo sheets, by the way, can be found at most grocery stores. I got mine at Target from the freezer section ;). They’re really thin sheets made out of dough, which are often used in Greek or Turkish desserts.

Honey Baklava

The beautiful layers get me every time. Slightly crispy, flaky and just the right amount of nuttiness. If you don’t normally like walnuts, don’t worry. I am not the biggest fan of walnuts either, but the addition totally works in this dessert. It keeps it from becoming overly sweet (once you add the honey syrup) and gives every bite perfect texture and overall yumminess!

Honey Baklava

Hope you get your Baklava on this weekend. Happy Friday. Xoxo.

Honey Baklava
Yields 30
This dessert is a true delight in your mouth. Baked to golden perfection and doused in a homemade honey syrup - incredibly delicious.
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  1. 1 (16 oz.) package phyllo sheets, thawed
  2. 1 lb. (about 4 cups) walnuts, finely chopped
  3. 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  4. 1 cup granulated sugar
  5. 3/4 cup water
  6. 1/2 cup honey
  7. 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, melted
  1. Thaw phyllo sheets. I usually take mine out of the freezer an hour before I'm ready to start making the baklava.
  2. 1. Meanwhile, using your food processor, chop walnuts into small pieces. Add cinnamon and give it another quick pulse to incorporate. Set aside.
  3. Next, combine sugar, water, and honey in a medium saucepan. Bring mixture to a boil while stirring frequently. Once mixture has come to a boil and sugar is completely melted, reduce heat and simmer mixture for 4 minutes. Remove from the stove and let cool completely.
  4. Next, melt butter.
  5. Before you're ready for assembly, butter a 9-x-13-inch baking pan and preheat oven to 325 degrres F. Dampen two kitchen towels and place one onto your work surface. Remove phyllo sheets from the packaging and trim sheets according to your baking pan. My phyllo sheets were about 1" too long, so I just cut them accordingly. This varies depending on the brand of phyllo sheets you purchase. Place phyllo sheets on the damp kitchen towel and cover with the second one.
  6. 2. For the assembly: {Step 1} Add one sheet of the phyllo dough to the baking pan and brush with melted butter. Repeat process with another 9 phyllo sheets. Until you have a stack of 10 buttered phyllo sheets. Top with 3/4 cup of the chopped cinnamon walnuts. {Step 2} Top walnut layer with another phyllo sheet, butter and repeat until you have a stack of 5 buttered phyllo sheets. Top with another 3/4 cup of the chopped cinnamon walnuts. Repeat {STEP 2} 3 more times. Finally {Step 3}, add another 10 phyllo sheets, buttering each sheet between layering and spreading the remaining butter on top.
  7. 3. Cut baklava lengthwise into four 1 1/2" wide strips. Then cut diagonally to form diamond shapes. Place baking pan in the oven and bake for 1 hour 15-20 minutes or until top is golden brown. Remove from the oven and place on wire racks. Immediately pour cool honey syrup over the top and let cool completely. Enjoy!
  1. Can be stored at room temperature for up to 7 days.
Adapted from natashaskitchen.com
Deliciously Yum! http://deliciouslyyum.com/


  1. Wow that looks fantastic! Nothing like classic baklava 🙂

  2. I really like your recipe! Thank you.

  3. I love to cook and make things from scratch. I have made many man things my own Naan, pita bread, pasta. I could go on, but I have never made baklava and I so want to. I have eaten many, some great and some not so great, I think one even had nutmeg in it, yuck! I can’t wait to try this. Do you know if it can be frozen?

  4. any tips on cutting the uncooked baklava? It seems like that would be the hardest part for me.

    • When your phyllo sheets are thawing put a moist over it so it won’t dry out and when you are layering do the same thing cover the sheets with the moist towel. Hopefully this helps you.

  5. kim k scott says:

    this recipe is devine! i do have a “con” tho. you can’t stop eating them. 🙂

  6. I’m confused. It says 1 16oz phyllo package. Which the one I have is, but only has 18-22 sheets. I’m on the second layer of walnuts and only have 4 sheets left. …am I missing something here? !? You’re saying to put another at least 10

    • Did you happen to buy pastry sheets instead of phyllo dough because these 2 products or not the same at all, if you bought pastry sheets then you surely would not have enough sheets nor would this come out right at all!!! If you did get the phyllo sheets then I’m not sure how you and the other lady are doing them, because the Athens Phyllo dough
      16 oz box has 2 rolls of 20 sheets each for a total of 40 sheets. Are you sure that you have completely thawed them and are separating them? It’s very easy to have 2 or 3 sheets stuck together because they should be tissue paper thin to the point of seeing through it.

      • Phyllo comes in different thicknesses. 16 sheets to the pound is pretty thick. 20-22 sheets per pound is more appropriate for baklava. However, that’s the number for full-sized sheets. Phyllo at the grocery store used to come in larger sheets (about 14″ x 18″). Now it’s more common to find the sheets as half-sized (about 9″x14″), with 2 rolls of sheets in a 1 pound package (about 20 to each roll, total of 40). I’m sure this is where the problems mentioned by several have come in. I wish I had a local source for the larger sheets, as they are more versatile (especially when making spanakopita in lunch-sized triangles). I suspect a 9″x13″ is more readily available in most home kitchens, and that’s why they are more available in the half- sheet size in grocery stores.

  7. I had same problem with 16 oz phyllo package. Not enough sheets. Fortunately I had a third of another pack leftover, although they were old and broke into pieces (lots of fun piecing them together *G*). Also, there is not enough honey sauce. My baklava was very dry. I’m just about to make another batch of sauce to pour over mine. I think this recipe needs to have amounts increased for phyllo sheets and honey sauce.

    • If you increased the amount of phyllo, the honey syrup would need to be increased. However, if you know you have fewer than 40 sheets, you can use fewer sheets for each layer. The recipe I’ve used for 50 years is based on large sheets, 20-22 sheets per pound. I use 5-7 sheets on the bottom, nuts, 2 sheets, nuts (repeat 3 more times, total of 8 sheets for nut layers) and finish with remaining sheets (about 7). This is assuming a large pan the same size as the sheets. If the sheets are much larger than the pan, you can cut the sheets to more closely fit or fold them in the pan, meaning one sheet folded is equivalent to 2 small sheets. Hope this helps.

  8. I’ve made this many times and the recipe is perfect.

  9. Yes, I’ve made this several times myself and it comes out perfect every time!!!!
    Don’t know what’s going on with you ladies phyllo sheets unless you bought pastry sheets instead.
    The Athens phyllo dough has 2 rolls of 20 sheets each so that’s a total of 40 sheets.
    Oh and the syrup should be more than enough for the Baklava, mine comes out perfect every time, not dry at all, sorry, not sure what is going wrong.

  10. What an awesome recipe , I tried it today and perfect crispy flaky sweet yum.

  11. I just bought the phyllo today from the Superstore (I live in Canada) it’s presidents choice brand phyllo. It says 16oz and 16 sheets and there is only one roll inside the box. I’m glad I read these messages because I see that I need around 40 sheets, not just 16 oz like the recipe says. I am 100% sure it is phyllo dough sheets as I am looking at the box right now. The recipe should be adjusted to say 40 sheets not 16 ounces because mine says 16 ounces/16 sheets on the box. Maybe they are a longer sheet size but it doesn’t have any measurements so I won’t know till I open it and I won’t open it until I make the recipe this weekend. I’m looking forward to trying this recipe!

  12. Virginia Simpson says:

    I was at a friend’s house the other day and she offered me some Baklava she had made from this Pinterest recipe. I have never eaten anything so delicious. She sent me this recipe and I’ve already bought the phyllo . This will be a great treat for my family and friends.

  13. About the thickness of maple syrup. Thicker than water but not by much. The longer it’s simmered, the thicker it gets.

  14. Laura Doty says:

    After reading the recipe through several times, I made the leap yesterday. The results were wonderful, despite my errors. Tip 1…damp means “Damp”, NOT WET…MIST the clean towel LIGHTLY with water, otherwise the phyllo will turn to gunk. Tip 2…Apply the butter with a baster first then brush lightly. It is easy to overdo the butter in the first layers and end up running short. Getting it right takes practice.
    Tip 3…don’t panic if you get two sheets of phyllo stuck together, put it in the pan and proceed.
    Tip 4…it is not necessary to cut the phyllo to the pan, you can simply fold in-ward along the edges during assembly or wait till done and tuck downward along the edges with a spatula. Tip 5…after assembly, place the pan in the fridge for 40 or so minutes. This sets the butter (especially on top) and makes the pre-slicing go MUCH easier…no sticking of the phyllo dough to your fingers. Tip 6…Short sawing motions with a sharp knife works best…DON’T try to draw the knife through the Baklava.
    Hope this helps. The recipe is great…I did ad some vanilla and an extra half teaspoon of cinnamon as I am partial to those flavors. Thank you Coreen for the recipe.

  15. What type of 9×13 baking pan?

  16. I just made mine this weekend and the fillo I bought was 12” x 17” which was perfect for my large pan!
    If I read the comments first I would had to make an extra pan becos I did run out of fillo sheets half way.
    So I covered the pan with glad wrap n a wet towel n put it in the fridge while I went to buy more fillo. Second box was the small sheets, so had to put two to make one. I also had to add an extra 1.5 stick of butter. Bake it exactly an hour 15 mins n poured the honey syrup over the entire pan. It was the biggest hit at my husband’s grandma’s 90th bday bash.
    So delicious and it’s not too sweet! I’ve a total of 55 with extras from the odds n ends. Thank you for sharing your recipe, this is a keeper!?

    • Josie Davies says:

      Fantastic recipe! I put the butter in a spray bottle which made doing the layers way less tedious and quicker. 🙂

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