Cake Batter Bark

Cake Batter Bark by Deliciously Yum!

February is finally here, which means I can start writing about Valentine’s treats. This holiday is one of my favorites when it comes to food or should I say dessert?! No day is more appropriate for covering any and everything in chocolate and getting away with a healthy dose of sprinkles. Heart-shaped sprinkles nonetheless.

This bark looks like your average chocolate bark except for it is not. It has cake mix inside of it. It tastes like cake, you guys. I know – it sounds totally crazy, but it’s absolutely incredible, like world-changing. At least your taste buds’ world.

Cake Batter Valentine's Bark via Deliciously Yum!

If you like cake batter treats, you will go bonkers for this. Just like I did. You get the best of two worlds. White and Dark Chocolate in one. Since chocolate is one of the stars in this recipe, you should use a good quality chocolate. I think it makes a huge difference here. I used Lindt chocolate bars, but feel free to choose your favorite.

All you need is 10 minutes, some delicious chocolate and colorful sprinkles. Easy as can be. [Read more…]

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