Raspberry Sweet Rolls

Super soft and fluffy sweet rolls filled with cream cheese and juicy raspberries. Topping these beautiful rolls with an easy glaze sets them right over the top. You won’t believe how easy it is to make these from scratch!


Hey, hey! How was your weekend? Over here, we are still trying to break into the 40’s and getting a grip on Spring. But the low temperatures didn’t keep me from putting away my winter coat and sporting my new Spring jacket instead. Even though the weather is still slow to cooperate, Spring is in full swing at la casa de Deliciously Yum!


One thing I always crave during the warmer months of the year is fresh berries. I love, love, love them. No matter what kind, I could devour them all. Raspberries, however, hold a special place in my heart. My mother-in-law has the best raspberry bushes and every year, we get to pick as many as we like and besides eating as many as we possibly can, I always end up making jelly. Never did it cross my mind to freeze some fresh berries so I could make um, Raspberry Sweet Rolls, for example. It boggles my mind that I have failed in that department. But I didn’t let that deter me. So to the grocery store I went. Lesson learned and with frozen raspberries in hand, I set out to make these amazing rolls. [Read more…]

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