Carrot Snack Cake

If you love a good snack cake, you will absolutely adore this carrot version. Get your forks ready!

Carrot Snack Cake via Deliciously Yum!

Welcome back. Did you have a good weekend? ‘Tis the season for moving house, isn’t it? Not only are some of our friends catching the moving bug, but we’ve certainly caught it as well. Adam and I just moved into a new home over the past week and we’re finally getting settled. We’re still in the same town and very much Minnesota bound.

This month we’ll be married 7 years and will have moved 6 times. Most of the previous moves (including this one) were pretty spontaneous and spur of the moment decisions. I guess we like to switch things up and explore new neighborhoods.

Carrot Snack Cake via Deliciously Yum!

Right before we were able to move into our new house, we actually helped some dear friends move theirs first. So yeah, we’ve been pretty busy and I have had my fair share of packing and hauling boxes already. Whilst we were helping our friends, one of their old neighbors offered to provide us with lunch. How sweet is that? She had a delicious meal prepared for all of us, including carrot cake. It reminded me how much I love it and that I don’t make it nearly enough.

Carrot Cake also happens to be a great dessert to serve when the temperatures rise and you’re not in the mood for something too filling and heavy. Light, moist and simply fantastic. Continue reading