Dreamy Strawberry Coconut Bars

A super Easy and Buttery Crust topped with Strawberry Jelly and finished with a Coconut Crumble.


Happy Wednesday, you guys. How about some yummy bars today? Since I apparently can’t get enough of berries and coconut, I just had to combine the two into one tasty treat. That’s what summer will do to me :).

I hope you’re on board with my current obsession because I can’t see an end in sight. There’s something about the beautiful weather that makes me go crazy for anything containing the naturally sweet taste of berries.


Not only do I love the combination going on here, but the fact that these are super light and therefore easy to devour, makes for one dreamy dessert.

My husband is the one who actually inspired these bars. Believe it or not, he isn’t the biggest chocolate fan and would go for anything containing fruit instead. I know – it’s pretty crazy, huh? And he loves my homemade jelly that I make and freeze every year for us to savor until strawberry season comes around again. And that’s exactly what I used for the middle layer in these – strawberry jelly. Mmmmm. You could totally swap out jam or any other fruit preserves you prefer, of course.

The important thing is that you give these a try :). [Read more…]

Coconut Chia Seed Pudding

 Start your day off right with this healthy yet utterly delicious breakfast pudding. You will savor every single bite.


Hope everyone is enjoying another day off today. We’ve been pleasantly surprised with the amount of sunshine and warm temperatures we’ve been experiencing so far. It’s been in the mid 80’s every day and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Seriously so great. I will fill you in on more later.

Let’s move on to today’s recipe. I know. I know. You probably have anything besides health food on your mind right now. It’s the biggest BBQ day of the year, after all. And I am not planning on telling you not to indulge. Oh no. Have your way today :).


So just in case you’re looking for a healthy and extremely delicious option, you might want to give this pudding a try. It was my breakfast for the last 2 mornings before we left to go “up north”. And there was only so much I could do before sharing it with you today.

It was THAT good. Even though the weekend was wonderful, I couldn’t wait for Monday morning. [Read more…]

Fruity Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroon Pyramids

Coconut Macaroons loaded with dried cranberries, blueberries and mangoes. Enveloped in dark chocolate and finished with crushed pretzels and a trio of fruit.


I don’t know what’s happening, you guys. I feel like I’ve been putting coconut into pretty much everything lately. Which is weird since I never really liked it.

But. Somewhere along the lines, I figured out that toasted coconut tastes nothing like what I remembered. It’s sweet, caramelized, slightly nutty and develops a beautiful texture. And I can’t get enough.


So I decided to go all out and test how much I actually like coconut. I knew I wanted to make a cookie of some sort. Going for that toasted goodness I am so in love with. And then I stumbled upon this recipe. It kept swirling around my head over and over for several reasons.

Not only was it totally customizable and pretty to look at, but it had lots of perfectly browned and crispy edges all around. And isn’t that the best part of coconut macaroons? Plus, if all else fails, these pyramids would be covered in chocolate, which makes it pretty much impossible for these little things to taste anything but amazing. [Read more…]

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