Glazed Pumpkin Scones

Buttery, soft, and ultra fall-like Scones. Perfect for your afternoon cup of tea or coffee on a brisk day.

Glazed Pumpkin Scones

It had been way too long since my last scone recipe. Upon realizing that scones haven’t been made since moving into our new house earlier this year, I immediately felt the need to get in the kitchen and steep a cup of hot tea as well. Even though I do not look forward to the colder days ahead, I can’t deny the fact that hot tea and a freshly baked treat taste better on slightly cool and comfy afternoons.

Glazed Pumpkin Scones

I don’t think that pumpkin scones come at any surprise. I mean, have you been reading this blog over the last couple of years? Specifically at this time of year?

That’s right. Pumpkin everything. Not only do the scones and the glaze contain real pumpkin puree, but I also couldn’t help but to break out my pumpkin and leaf cookie cutters. I am fully committed this year. FULLY. [Read more…]

Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Melt in your mouth Pumpkin Coffee Cake. Grab a cup of joe and dig in. This is the perfect thing to enjoy on a chilly fall afternoon!


Happy October 1st. Fall is in full swing and there’s nothing I love more than to snuggle up, sip on a warm beverage and snack on something yummy. Preferably while holding a piggy. Say what? I shared yesterday in this post that Adam and I adopted two baby guinea pigs. It really was a spur of the moment decision. Somehow we ended up at a pet store on a Friday night and before we knew it, we were holding two piggies. Once we held them, there was no turning back. Pippa and Pippin had found a new home!


I had no idea that guinea pigs are fruit and vegetable fanatics. More vegetable than fruit, really. Watching them chowing down on peppers, carrots, kale, and cucumbers has really inspired me to do the same. I am not kidding – when you watch them get so excited about their “treats” that they can’t help but run around in circles in their cage, I start reaching for carrots without even knowing it. Need to add more veggies to your diet? Get a guinea pig or two ;).

While I love vegetables, there is something else that has me skipping with joy around our house. 3 words: Pumpkin Coffee Cake. [Read more…]

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Yes, it’s happening. Pumpkin Spice Latte is the one thing I look forward to the most during fall season. No other hot drink comes even close to this autumn favorite. Nothing else has the same addicting quality as this luscious cup of joe. I know, I know, coffee in and of itself can be addicting, but this one is a different kind of addictiveness. Freshly brewed coffee, pumpkin puree and the stars of pumpkin pie spice – cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg are blended together so that you can experience fall in a cup. You know you want one , GO make it!


[Read more…]

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