Easy French Crullers

Homemade French Crullers are a cinch to prepare. These are one of the lightest and airiest crullers you will ever taste. And drenched in a sweet glaze, of course!


Doughnuts. One of my favorite things to make and eat. No matter what shape or size, whether they are fried or baked, dusted with powdered sugar, dunked in a glaze or rolled in cinnamon sugar, I love them all. There is no way I could possibly name my favorite of all time – it’s pretty much always my latest version. They are just too good.


Needless to say, my latest obsession are these crullers.

Before I started to research how to make these, I thought that making crullers involved a lot of work and maybe even a yeast dough. I was so excited when I found out that making crullers is very similar to the process of making churros. And since I have had some experience in that department, I couldn’t wait to get to work on these. [Read more…]

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