Blackberry Sage Lemonade Sparklers

 Oh yeah. We are making sparkly lemonade today. Using beautiful blackberries and one of my favorite herbs – Sage. Can you say refreshingly delicious!? 


This week was full of rainy days and some huge storms. I can’t even count how many times I was woken up by thunder, lightning or both these last couple of days. The hubby told me yesterday morning that I’ve been shushing the storms during my sleep with an old, grumpy voice that he didn’t know existed. I’m a pretty calm sleeper and usually I am the one putting up with Adam’s interesting sleeping behavior, but I guess stormy weather brings out my dark side – lol.

It’s been crazy, but I secretly love watching another storm roll in and completely change the sky. It’s so awe-inspiring and beautiful. I could watch it over and over again.


The humidity levels have been out of control as well and while everyone is complaining about the sticky air, I am doing my happy dance. Because Blackberry Sage Sparklers are waiting in my fridge and they taste best when enjoyed on a hot, muggy day. [Read more…]

Raspberry Lemonade with Fresh Mint

Enjoy a refreshing glass of Raspberry Lemonade made with raspberries, squeezed lime and lemon juice infused with fresh mint.


My obsession with berries and lemons is at an all-time high. So much so that I had to find a way to consume even more than I already do :).

A couple of days ago, MN experienced the warmest day of the year so far, which had me longing for a cold glass of lemonade and this wonderful version was born shortly after.  

May I add that this was my very first time making lemonade from scratch using real ingredients? Guys, this is a must-make and a must-taste. It will have you seriously question the stuff you can buy in a bottle or make from a powder or concentrate.


So I hope you’re on board as I share a recipe perfect for summer – even though Spring has yet to fully spring in so many parts of the country!

I am done waiting for the weather to make up its mind and am more than ready for the flavors of homemade lemonade to saturate my taste buds. [Read more…]

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