No-Bake Lime Cheesecake Parfaits

 Do you like limes, cheesecake and a dessert that takes minimal time and effort to prepare? Me too. Let’s dive in together!


Hey guys! Friday’s here, the weekend is imminent and it’s time to take things easy. That’s exactly what I was thinking about when I came up with this dessert. I wanted something that could be thrown together in no time, but didn’t sacrifice in yumminess or flavor.

Also, I had about 12 limes in our fridge that needed to be used up :). Aren’t limes the best? I substitute limes for lemons whenever I can. I love that limes don’t have any seeds to worry about and could never get enough of the wonderful taste. With that being said, you could total use lemons if you’re not feeling the lime.


Lately I’ve been in the mood for creamy and cold desserts that go beyond your regular bowl of ice cream. Cheesecake popped into my head, but I wanted something a little bit lighter. Let me just tell you, these Lime Cheesecake Parfaits totally hit the spot. [Read more…]

Watermelon Lime Slushie

 One of the easiest and most refreshing slushies you can make at home. This is a summer must!


Hello again! Can I just take a second to tell you how much I’m loving summer so far?! Few things are better than reading a good book outside, taking nightly walks with my hubby and enjoying some amazingly flavorful food. I just love going to the grocery store or farmer’s market and seeing all of the seasonal produce in full abundance. I can’t get enough.

I bought our first watermelon a few weeks back and happen to have picked the perfect one. Completely sweet and perfectly juicy. We couldn’t stop eating it.


With only a quarter of said watermelon left, I needed to try my hand at a homemade watermelon slushie. I’ve seen them all over the internets lately and knew immediately that I had to whip up my own version as soon as I came across the perfect watermelon.

I wanted ultimate sweetness without any added sugar and just had to add a couple of limes… subtle tartness with the sweet taste of watermelon and crushed ice make for one delectable slushie! [Read more…]

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