Peach Iced Tea

Homemade Peach Iced Tea. As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Peach Iced Tea

If you don’t want to say goodbye to the long holiday weekend, you’re not alone. I’m protesting the start of another work week with more Peach Iced Tea. Since that’s all I’ve been sipping on over the last 3 days, I figured it’s the easiest and tastiest way to keep the 4th of July vibes going.

Iced tea is my drink of choice in the summertime. I am a tea lover all year round and always look forward to the warmer months when this iced beverage tastes the best!

Peach Iced Tea

Out of all the months of the year, July is definitely my favorite. Too many reasons why, but the fact that peaches are in season RIGHT NOW is definitely one of them. Nothing beats a perfectly ripe, juicy and sweet peach.

And in order to incorporate even more peaches into my life, I decided to add a peachy twist to my much loved sweet tea recipe. [Read more…]

Peaches and Mango Breakfast Bars

Breakfast Bars that are packed with nutrition and good-for-you ingredients. Plus, they taste amazing and are super family-friendly.

Peaches and Mango Breakfast Bars

You know you’ve had a good week when two posts in a row involve a lovely glaze. A simple sweet glaze is the best way to finish off a rather indulgent dessert (see Wednesday’s post) or to dress up a healthy breakfast bar. Not that you absolutely need to add the glaze… unless you’re anything like me, in which case a glaze becomes a necessity. Sugar is life.

Speaking of which. In today’s recipe you’ll find only natural sugars (minus the glaze), but you would never know hadn’t I told you. If these bars aren’t prove that healthy food is utterly delicious and just as satisfying as other alternatives, then I don’t know what is.

Peaches and Mango Breakfast Bars

Gone are the days of a bowl of cereal or peanut butter toast for breakfast. Once you enjoy a Peaches and Mango Breakfast Bar it will be hard to go back to your old staples. The feeling of having dessert for breakfast is an absolute thrill. It sets me up for a fabulous start to my day every time.

Let’s make breakfast the best meal of your day too. [Read more…]

Peaches and Cream Sheet Cake

Need to feed dessert to a crowd? This scrumptious Peach Sheet Cake is just the thing you need!

Peaches and Cream Sheet Cake

Easter is finally on my mind. Realizing that Palm Sunday is this weekend and our first family gathering in celebration of Easter is happening in just a few days, caused me to figure out what my contributions should be. Just in case you’re finding yourself needing to feed a rather large family, I decided to whip up a festive and springy sheet cake that pretty much everyone will love.

Peaches and Cream Sheet Cake

Making peaches the center of attention was the best decision. I don’t know why but I’ve always loved peaches more than any other fruit in my desserts. And given the fact that a lot of you have been loving this Peach Cobbler Snack Cake, I thought I’d step it up and make a version that easily feeds a good amount of your loved ones.

And boy, will they feel the love when you present them with this goody. [Read more…]

Baked Peach Wontons

 Wontons filled with juicy peaches and baked to golden perfection. A dessert fit for summer that the whole family will love!


Dinner time has been incredibly easy to pull off lately.

I am a planner when it comes to our weekly meals and always take plenty of time to write my grocery list and meal plan come Sunday night. I never go a week without asking Adam if he needs anything or has a special dinner wish. To which he almost always replies: “Nah, just get the usual and keep making your yummy food”.

Super helpful. Even though I appreciate his sweet comment, I sometimes hope for a different answer. Because even though I’m a food blogger, I still need help thinking of new dinner ideas here and there. Something changed over the last couple of weeks though.


A couple of weeks ago I tried a new recipe for pot stickers, using wonton wrappers. My hubby has been hooked ever since and can’t get enough. I’ve been making them what seems like constantly to me (I get bored fast), but in reality we’ve had them only once a week. Adam would happily eat pot stickers every night if I’d make them.

His excitement for post stickers has inspired me to whip more recipes using those wonton wrappers. It always seems like I have a ton left over and besides creating something else Adam would love, I was also looking for a way to use them up.

Here ends the story of how Baked Peach Wontons came to be and where utterly deliciousness starts. [Read more…]

Glazed Sweet Roll Peach Crumble Muffins

 Sweetly Glazed Rolls with Peaches and a Crumble Topping all in the form of a Muffin. Yes, they are unreal.


Let’s make Mondays better, shall we?

Starting off with one of the best muffins I ever, ever, ever made. And muffins are always the right answer when it comes to creating fabulous mornings.

How could one be anything but excited when welcomed with an amazingly loaded muffin – peaches, a sugary & slightly crunchy topping, and a finger-lickin’ glaze. You’re welcome.


Before I tell you more about these muffins, can we just take a second to ooh and aah about peaches? Peaches are at their absolute peak right now. I am totally and completely hooked. A perfectly ripe peach with all its juicy and sweet wonderfulness is hard to beat. My favorite summer fruit by far.

I am so smitten that I actually started to dream about pastries filled with that delectable fruit, which is precisely why I am sharing these Glazed Sweet Roll Peach Crumble Muffins with you today.

I hope you have a thing for peaches ;). [Read more…]

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