Raspberry Cobbler Pizza

Raspberry Cobbler in Dessert Pizza form. One of the very best ways to enjoy pizza!

Raspberry Cobbler Pizza

No pizza night is complete without dessert. I am usually not picky when it comes to satisfying my sweet tooth. Since I pretty much love any and everything, most treats are usually more than acceptable. But there are a few that get me a little more excited than others. Ooey gooey brownies, freshly baked cookies and yup, you guessed it, dessert pizza. Because the only thing that’s better than having pizza for dinner is having pizza for dessert as well. High five, fellow pizza lover!

Raspberry Cobbler Pizza

Dessert pizza is such a quick, delicious and super versatile sweet treat to whip up. In honor of our first 90+ degree day yesterday, I decided to celebrate with one of summer’s best berries – raspberries. Putting a raspberry cobbler spin on our dessert favorite. Since I also happen to be a huge fan of cobblers, I knew that combining two killer desserts into one couldn’t be anything but ah-mazing! [Read more…]

Bacon Egg and Veggie Breakfast Pizza

Bacon, Egg and Vegetables on top of the easiest and tastiest pizza dough ever. What’s better than pizza for breakfast?

Bacon Egg and Veggie Breakfast Pizza

Dreaming about breakfast and pizza in anticipation of the weekend. It’s the right thing to do on a Wednesday, really. Although, once you learn how easy it is to make this breakfast wonder, you might not want to wait until Saturday morning to give this a go. I mean easy when I say easiest ever. There’s no yeast, waiting, proofing or anything else that’s usually involved with making pizza from scratch.

My mind was totally blown when I prepared this pizza on a whim and am so ready to finally share.

Bacon Egg and Veggie Breakfast Pizza

I’ve been eating eggs for breakfast and lunch like it’s my job lately. I’ll take them in any way, shape or form. Usually on top of a piece of whole grain bread with turkey, spinach and any other vegetables we’ve got hiding in our fridge.

I am not exaggerating on the frequency of my egg consumption. Whenever I find something I really love, I usually make it over and over again until I can’t stand it anymore. The same goes for songs. Playing it on repeat for a couple weeks straight until I can’t listen to it one more time. I hope that’s not just me…

As for this pizza, I know I’ll be making this for the years to come. I might switch things up here and there, but the pizza itself is a real keeper! [Read more…]

Pizza Rolls

Finally! We’ve made it to the end of the week, ya’ll. Did anyone else feel like this week would never come to an end? I can’t really figure out why this week had me longing for the weekend – I am just glad it’s here. I’m hoping to take a trip to an orchard nearby this weekend and do some apple picking. There’s just nothing like a freshly picked apple. It also happens to be one of my favorite fall activities. Get ready for some apple recipes coming your way, starting next week! I can’t wait. I’ve been trying my hardest to hold off on fall baking until the first official day of fall… and I’ve made it. Here’s to anything and everything pumpkin and apple flavored. But before we dive in, here’s a fabulous lunch or dinner recipe.

Semi-homemade Pizza Rolls.


[Read more…]

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