Glazed Pumpkin Scones

Buttery, soft, and ultra fall-like Scones. Perfect for your afternoon cup of tea or coffee on a brisk day.

Glazed Pumpkin Scones

It had been way too long since my last scone recipe. Upon realizing that scones haven’t been made since moving into our new house earlier this year, I immediately felt the need to get in the kitchen and steep a cup of hot tea as well. Even though I do not look forward to the colder days ahead, I can’t deny the fact that hot tea and a freshly baked treat taste better on slightly cool and comfy afternoons.

Glazed Pumpkin Scones

I don’t think that pumpkin scones come at any surprise. I mean, have you been reading this blog over the last couple of years? Specifically at this time of year?

That’s right. Pumpkin everything. Not only do the scones and the glaze contain real pumpkin puree, but I also couldn’t help but to break out my pumpkin and leaf cookie cutters. I am fully committed this year. FULLY. Continue reading

Strawberry Dream Scones

Glazed Strawberry Scones that melt in your mouth. Perfect for any brunch, celebratory shower or special breakfast.

Strawberry Dream Scones via Deliciously Yum!

We’ve made it. Friday’s here and the weekend is only a few short hours away. I thought I’d take it upon myself to plan tomorrow’s breakfast/brunch for you. If you love scones, strawberries and a luscious sweet glaze, that is. Ever since perfecting my scone recipe a few weeks back, I knew I needed to explore further options and see where I could take the recipe. After being thrilled to see fresh strawberries all over my local grocery store at the beginning of the week, I immediately took inspiration and started to dream about soft, buttery and amazingly mouthwatering scones. Filled with lots and lots of strawberries.

Strawberry Dream Scones via Deliciously Yum!

I guess Spring is all about fruit for me, especially berries. It’s been extremely dreary out with lots of rain pretty much all of this week. The bright pops of color cheer me up and remind me that sunshine and brighter days are ahead… or at least I hope they are. And don’t even get me started on the glaze I whipped up for the scones. So many happy feelings.

May these incredible scones light up your day as much as mine! Continue reading

Maple Nut Scones

Soft, buttery and flaky Scones with a finger-lickin’ Maple Glaze and topped with chopped Pecans. The best scones you’ll ever make at home!

Maple Nut Scones via Deliciously Yum!

Welcome to another Monday! I’ve come to love talking to you on Mondays. Not that I don’t like chatting with you on any other day, but when I get to relive our Saturday morning breakfasts here on da blog, I am especially happy. It’s a way to lengthen the weekend and think about the wonderful and most importantly delicious days that now lay sadly behind us. So let’s keep holding on to the weekend bliss just a tad bit longer.

Maple Nut Scones via Deliciously Yum!

These scones were hands down the best thing we’ve eaten all weekend long. Maybe even longer than that. I never know what we’re going to be hungry for once the weekend comes around, and making scones was totally unplanned. But when the mood strikes, I am more than willing to get to work.

I was not prepared for how much I would like them. I eventually had to hide them to keep us from eating just another one. They are THAT good. Continue reading

Reese’s Peanut Butter Scones

 Soft, buttery and scrumptious scones that are chockfull of Reese’s pieces, chocolate chips and creamy peanut butter.


I know, I know. Scones are usually known for their crumbly, dry texture, but before you think you can’t get excited about ’em, let me try to convince you differently. I promise it’ll be worth your time ;).

Not only are scones perfect for any time of the day, they can also be prepared from start till finish in about 30 minutes or so. What’s better than being able to have a freshly baked breakfast treat ready in no time without having to do much prep work, especially now that it’s hot outside and no one wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen?


You can never go wrong with these scones. Minimal effort with maximum yumminess. Get ready to be wowed by Reese’s Peanut Butter Scones. Continue reading

Petite Vanilla Bean Scones

I’ve got a great recipe for you today. It is one that I have been wanting to share with you for quite a while now. It is also the first recipe I ever created. I was really nervous and didn’t know if it was going to turn out the way I had hoped, and to my surprise, it totally did. It was a thrilling feeling and I hope ya’ll will love them just as much as I do. Not only are they a great afternoon snack or dessert, but they also make for a yummy breakfast. I ended up sharing ours with new neighbors that had just moved into the neighborhood and I am pretty sure they were a great hit. Feel free to share them with your loved ones or keep them in a special place just for yourself, I am not going to judge :).


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