Thick and Chewy Sugar Cookies

Get ready to enjoy this Christmas Classic. These Sugar Cookies are thick, chewy, and a definite must-make this Holiday Season.


Finally. A Christmas cookie. The ONE cookie everyone would notice missing if it didn’t make an appearance on our cookie tray. It’s that well-loved and embodies Christmas for us.

It’s pretty to look at, has plenty of sprinkles, and satisfies young and old alike. Last year I made another version of sugar cookies right before the Christmas season hit. It was one of those times where we just couldn’t wait any longer to enjoy a scrumptious cookie and a birthday celebration seemed like the perfect excuse.


So when I realized that we were in the midst of cookie swap and cookie eating season, I didn’t need to think twice as to which cookie to make. This recipe is as classic as it’s going to get. For all of the cookie purists and sugar cookie lovers out there, you will really enjoy the taste and texture of these.

They definitely taste a lot like Christmas! [Read more…]

Sugared Lemon Crinkles with a Sweet Lemon Glaze

 Sugar Cookie Crinkles rolled in White Sparkling Sugar and drizzled with a Sweet Lemon Glaze. Yum!


Whenever I think of Sugar Cookies I am filled with all kinds of sweet memories. Memories of me and my mom in the kitchen making the dough, rolling it precisely to 1/4-inch thickness, and cutting out all kinds of different shapes, depending on what season or what holiday was coming up next.

Decorating was next and you better believe I was all about sprinkles. Tons and tons of sprinkles, of course.


The sugar-cookie-process was always a big deal in our house, especially since it took a lot of time and effort. I loved spending all of that time baking away, but what if you only have a couple of minutes to spare and are in need of a serious sugar cookie fix? You go for none other than crinkles.

This recipe doesn’t take any longer than making a regular batch of cookies. No chilling, rolling or cutting out shapes required. And the best part about this method? You don’t compromise taste in the least.

On the contrary, these cookies are so chewy, lemony, and absolutely scrumptious. [Read more…]

Frosted Soft Sugar Cookies


It’s been way too long since I’ve posted a cookie recipe. Okay, it’s only been 3 weeks, but for somebody that adores cookies as much as I do, it seems like an eternity. This sugar cookie recipe is reminiscent of the ones you pass at the grocery store. You know, the yummy looking cookies with the thick frosting that are usually decorated according to what season we’re in or which holiday is just around the corner?  They always catch my eye. With the holiday season approaching quickly as November dwindles away (how can it possibly be the middle of November already??), I just had to recreate the cookie I can never take my eyes off of. I went birthday style since we’re concluding my husband’s birthday week today. And I needed another excuse to use rainbow sprinkles as promised on Monday. Let’s get started so you can enjoy a soft, buttery, and dreamy Frosted Soft Sugar Cookie ASAP! [Read more…]

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