Swedish Tea Ring

Cinnamon Rolls are stepping it up with this Swedish Tea Ring. Finished with a perfectly sweet glaze, of course!


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was packed with too many activities to list – I think I need a day of rest to recover, ha. But first, I am kicking things off with this Swedish tea ring I’ve been waiting to share with you.

You might know by now that cinnamon rolls are a favorite in our family. We adore pretty much anything that’s rolled into small buns, holds a sweet surprise and is dowsed in a glaze. Not a single holiday or special occasion passes without them.


And there’s nothing I consider more of a special occasion than my one and only’s birthday. So, let’s get started on breakfast, shall we?

Before you think that there’s way too much work involved here, let me assure you that there really is not. If you’ve made traditional cinnamon rolls before, you might even find this recipe to be easier.

So let’s enjoy them together! [Read more…]

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