Homemade Butterfinger Bites

Butterfinger Bites made in the comfort of your own home with only 3 ingredients. Happy Halloween indeed!


Hey Everyone! Yep, Halloween is finally here. Today’s high is a balmy 37 degrees. Just like that we’re saying hi to winter. We can’t really complain though. This fall has been absolutely gorgeous and the weather was beyond perfect. Ever year I am hopeful that the kids will be able to go trick or treating without having to dress warm underneath their adorable costumes, but so far no such luck. Oh well, the extra “stuffing” definitely adds to the cuteness factor.


And just in case you’re anything like me (aka childless) and aren’t able to dig into your munchkin’s candy stash, I have an amazing recipe for you today. Because in my mind Halloween is all about the sweet stuff.

Also, if you find yourself left with ridiculous amounts of candy corn or if you do have kids, but they didn’t return with any butterfinger bars, then listen up.

This is where candy lovers unite! [Read more…]

Cake Batter Bark

Cake Batter Bark by Deliciously Yum!

February is finally here, which means I can start writing about Valentine’s treats. This holiday is one of my favorites when it comes to food or should I say dessert?! No day is more appropriate for covering any and everything in chocolate and getting away with a healthy dose of sprinkles. Heart-shaped sprinkles nonetheless.

This bark looks like your average chocolate bark except for it is not. It has cake mix inside of it. It tastes like cake, you guys. I know – it sounds totally crazy, but it’s absolutely incredible, like world-changing. At least your taste buds’ world.

Cake Batter Valentine's Bark via Deliciously Yum!

If you like cake batter treats, you will go bonkers for this. Just like I did. You get the best of two worlds. White and Dark Chocolate in one. Since chocolate is one of the stars in this recipe, you should use a good quality chocolate. I think it makes a huge difference here. I used Lindt chocolate bars, but feel free to choose your favorite.

All you need is 10 minutes, some delicious chocolate and colorful sprinkles. Easy as can be. [Read more…]

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