Carrot Cake Pops

Carrot Cake, Cream Cheese and White Chocolate create a delicious bite that you won’t be able to stop popping into your mouth!

Carrot Cake Pops

Here’s something I never thought I’d say. I am craving fall flavors while still trying to soak in every last day we have left of summer. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t actually want fall to arrive just yet. The change in temperature, shorter days, and all that jazz can stay away forever (as far as I’m concerned).

I just want to have permission to break out the pumpkin, warm spices and drink mulled apple cider. But I am trying to hold off. I’m sure I’ll be changing my tune next week though. When all I want to do is to hold on to summer’s goodness and abundance with both of my hands. For as long as I possibly can.

Carrot Cake Pops

Still wanted to break out the cinnamon and a couple of other spices. Which is where carrot cake comes into play. I don’t think there’s a rule as to when one can whip up a wonderful carrot cake. It’s a cake I am happy to enjoy all year around and it is my way of getting some of those fall cravings taken care of.

Carrot cake aroma must be one of the most warming, welcoming, and heartwarming smells around. And it only gets better once formed into tiny bites. YUM! Continue reading

Crunchy White Chocolate and Toffee Clusters

Peanuts, Almonds, and Cereal coated in a Yummy White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mixture. Topped with plenty of Toffee Bits!

Crunchy White Chocolate and Toffee Clusters

Getting creative in the kitchen and coming up with fun no-bake treats, especially this time of year, makes me feel like a kid again. The only difference being that I am in full control of my ingredients and I don’t have my mom limiting me on how many treats I’m allowed. Being an adult can be fun, ha.

Today’s recipe is the result of me being home alone for less than 24 hours. Adam recently had to travel for business, which meant that I had to spend an entire night on my own, entertaining our cats and trying to figure out how to cook a meal for one.

Crunchy White Chocolate and Toffee Clusters

I really don’t do well on my own. Given the fact that I’ve never had to live by myself and am so used to constant company, being in the company of one (even if it’s just for 24 hours), is the worst. I can’t stand silence and need to talk to someone. But since I had to cope with loneliness for one night, I decided to get caught up on my favorite youtubers and whip up a sweet treat – no big surprise here. After all, I am most comfortable and comforted in the kitchen working on something delicious! Continue reading

Pumpkin Churros with a White Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Pumpkin Churros aren’t complete without a Spiced Brown Butter White Chocolate Dipping Sauce. Fall indulgence at its finest!


My pumpkin dreams are coming true one recipe at a time. If you’re not a huge pumpkin fan, I am truly sorry. I promise I will make it up to you soon, but we have got to talk about this recipe first.

When the idea for pumpkin churros popped into my head, I could hardly wait to get into the kitchen and start making them. My mouth started watering at the thought of them and all I could think was I really hope this recipe turns out to be a success. In my head it seriously sounded too good not to.


I am beyond elated to tell you that it totally worked. My taste buds and hips rejoiced… sort of ;).

Experiment adding pumpkin to a classic churro recipe turned out to be one of the best ideas I’ve had this season. Can you tell I am totally and utterly smitten? Yes? I hope you will be too! Continue reading

White Chocolate Firecracker Brownies

 Celebrate the 4th of July with White Chocolate Firecracker Brownies. The perfect dessert for an ultimate flavor explosion.


Welcome to another Monday. How was your weekend? Ours was packed with lots of friends and family time – the best kind. Even though we barely spent a couple of hours at home, I was able to whip up some fun things perfect for the 4th of July that I will be sharing this week. It was about time that I made something yummy to celebrate the holiday with, especially since Independence Day is one of my faves.


Seriously. Independence Day has always been about swimming in the pool, having a BBQ, enjoying good company and watching beautiful fireworks while appreciating our nation and all the blessings we receive as Americans.

And a great holiday deserves a treat that is equally as fabulous. White Chocolate Firecracker Brownies are definitely the answer. Oh, get ready, get ready, get ready! Continue reading

Cookies and Cream Popcorn

Cookies and Cream Popcorn by Deliciously Yum!

No day is more appropriate for a movie night with yummy snacks than today, especially when spring seems still so far away. As promised yesterday, I wanted to make sure you receive another recipe in which to use leftover Oreos and their yummy white cream (if you are planning on using those leftovers, you can still follow the recipe as written below but only use about 2/3 of the oreos it calls for).

This popcorn mix surely hits the spot. White chocolate combined with the best part of oreos, the white cream, and tossed with buttery popcorn and chunks of cookies – what’s not to love?

Cookies and Cream Popcorn via Deliciously Yum!

This would also be a fun treat for Super Bowl Sunday, which is now a little over a week away. You could add chocolate candies in the colors of your favorite team or anything else you like. This version is pretty darn good as is though – so creamy, crunchy, and perfect! Continue reading