Thursday Love List


1. Our Christmas tree. I could sit in our living room all day, sipping a cup of tea and looking at this beauty. We have twinkling lights on it this year – so pretty.

2. Speaking of tea. Have you guys tried Teavana? We just got a store at our mall and I am so smitten. I purchased their Peppermint & White Chocolate Rooibos a couple weeks ago. So well balanced and flavorful. I see lots of tea tastings in my near future.

3. Christmas baking. My oven is always running and I enjoy baking any time of year. Something about Christmas makes it a little more special and these couple of weeks have been the best blogging experience so far. I’ve enjoyed sharing and creating recipes tremendously and love seeing you comment and support Deliciously Yum! Thank you for making this Christmas season even sweeter for us :).

4. Don’t open a bag of these. So delicious and addicting.


5. This one may be categorized as TMI, but just in case anyone else out there suffers from extremely dry skin, especially in the winter, this lotion has helped me more than words can explain. I have tried countless moisturizers to get relief and have found a winner. I am ready to tackle the next couple of months of MN winter!

6. Winter white. Our landscape has been painted in white and it’s looking so gorgeous outside…. as long as I don’t have to step out and shovel snow, that is. I’m amazed at God’s beautiful creation every morning.

7. Crafts. I’ve been researching lots and lots of DIY projects lately and can’t wait for things to slow down to give them a try. Do you have any fun ideas for craft projects to tackle this winter??

8. And because it’s Christmas time, I think you can take another picture of our tree. Our kitty, Milo, has found his favorite spot. He lies underneath the lit up branches almost all day every day. It’s the cutest thing!




  1. Your tree is absolutely beautiful !!

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